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Game News
Welcome to our Legion Portal,
We are some friends from Greece mainly, who've been playing together. Our Legion is mainly a social club, were we help eachother with lvling, crafting ect.
As this homepage is still under construction, there are alot of things still missing, so plz be patient. But if you have any interest in joining us, just make a thread on the forum or send a mail to Anadrom online.
  Everyone is welcome as long you act mature within the guild and to the rest on the server.

Have Fun

Καλωσηρθατε στο Portal της Λεγεωνας μας,
Ειμαστε μερικοι φιλοι απο την Ελλαδα κυρια, που παιζουμε παρεα.  Η λεγεωνα μας ειναι περισσοτερο ενα κοινωνικο "κλαμπ", οπου βοηθαμε ο ενας τον αλλον στο lvling, crafting κλπ.
Αυτη η σελιδα ειναι ακομα υπο κατασκευη, λειπουν ακομα αρκετα πραγματα, γι'αυτο ... υπομονη ;). Αν θελετε να μπειτε στην παρεα μας, απλα καντε μια δημοσιευση στο Forum η στειλτε ενα μηνυμα στον Anadrom στο παιχνιδι.

Καλη διασκεδαση
Guild News

Gods of Olympus Transfer to Perento

Anadr0m, Nov 5, 10 4:25 PM.
We decided to transfer our legion to Perento Server because Spatalos has no more interrest as there is major imbalance.
Legion transfer began at 3/11/2010 and hopefully all members will have no problems transfering to the new server.

Gods of Olympus Legion Active again

Anadr0m, May 13, 10 4:58 AM.
Our legion is active again in Aion-Spatalos server after some months.

Usefull game info will be added here soon so watch this site.
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